TAPIA Industrial Constructions

We are a 100% Mexican company in the process of internationalization, based on the quality of service to the community. Generating worthy jobs which drive the development of Mexico.

With presence in 5 of the 6 refineries in Mexico that guarantee us with experience and solidity in the market. We develop integral projects EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) for various sectors of the petrochemical industry, refining, energy, cement, food, infrastructure, among others. Creating integrated, innovative and powerful solutions for our clients.

We guide our efforts to continue being a company at the service of present and future generations. Since 1997 we are in the industry and with more than 4 thousand employees working together.

Working under ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards, for more than 15 years. Citapia has in-depth knowledge of production processes, strengthening the quality of our service.


To assist our clients in the execution of industrial projects, innovating the construction processes with the use of new technologies as well as the professional development of our workforce. As well as guaranteeing the quality of our products and services, promoting a work culture with the preservation of our environment, occupational health and the safety of our workers.


To be the leading Mexican company in the development of industrial projects, characterized by providing products and services with high quality standards nationally and internationally; contributing in this way, to the development of our clients and suppliers, as well as the welfare of our collaborators.


In the search to be a competitive and human company in the industrial sector we believe that with the daily practice of our values we can achieve it.

Integrity: Act always with respect, honesty, transparency and responsibility, both with our people, our communication and our natural resources.

Passion for quality: Deliver ourselves daily to offer quality service and products.

Teamwork : By collaborating and joining the effort of others, contributing the best of each one, achieving the expected results.

Trust: Cultivate day by day relationships of integrity and trust with customers, employees and communities.

Equity: We have to become aware of a humanist and equality mentality, considering people as such and not as a work tool.

Commitment: We are committed to the development of our country, therefore, we promote the professional and personal growth of our collaborators.

Integral Policy

En CONSTRUCCIONES INDUSTRIALES TAPIA S.A. OF C.V, is committed to generating quality industrial projects that meet the requirements of the client and stakeholders, taking care of the health and safety of our employees and visitors through safe work areas, as well as the preservation of the environment through sustainable development and optimization of natural resources always in compliance with the applicable legal requirements and others that are subscribed, ensuring a continuous improvement and the development of our human capital.