REVAMP Catalytic Plant FCC Cadereyta Refinery

Training, start-up preparations and behavior tests for the adequacy of the combustion gas system of the Catalytic Plant No.1 of Ing. Hector R. Lara Sosa Refinery.

The Fuel Quality Project (PCC) and the production projects of ultra low sulfur fuels are some of the objectives of CITAPIA in support to the strategies assumed by PEMEX, to promote the adoption of international vehicle emission standards.

These projects consist of the mixing of corresponding components for obtaining three types of gasoline:

a) Petrol PEMEX Magna Rest of the Country and North Zone (PEMEX Magna RP)

b) Petrol PEMEX Magna Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey (PEMEX Magna ZMM)

c) Gasoline PEMEX Premium Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey (PEMEX Premium ZMM)