Minatitlán Refinery – Rehabilitation of Sulfur Plant U11000

Rehabilitation of static, dynamic equipment, instrumentation, electrical equipment, civil works and process lines.

  •  J / C placement, equipment disassembly (reel disassembly, flat cover, bonnet, back cover and floating cover).
  • Extraction of tube bundle (with extractor), cleaning inside and outside.
  • Arm (reel assembly, flat lid, bonnet, back cover and floating lid) and hydrostatic tests.
  • Rehabilitation of high pressure exchangers, with tensioning equipment.
  • Rehabilitation of the hydrodesulphurizing gasoil reactor.
  • Vaciado, cleaning and loaded with catalyst and alumina.
  • Rehabilitation of reciprocating compressors MITSUI-THOMASSEN Type c -353.
  • Rehabilitation of the lubrication console.
  • Desarmado, inspection, assembly and test of compression cylinders of the three steps.