Minatitlán Refinery – Rehabilitation of Coquizadora U31000

Rehabilitation and start-up of the Delayed Coke Plant U31000 Paint is cleaned and applied to furnace chimneys H-31001 and H-31002.

  •  J / C placement, equipment disassembly (reel disassembly, flat cover, bonnet, back cover and floating cover).
  • Extraction of tube bundle (with extractor), cleaning inside and outside.
  • Arm (reel assembly, flat lid, bonnet, back cover and floating lid) and hydrostatic tests.
  • Mechanical cleaning and application of high temperature coating RE-30.
  • Rehabilitation of vertical pump.
  • Preparation of volute casing of the pump with welding and guide machining of the columns. 
  • Armed with submissive mechanical seal and assembly with clear adjustment, test and pump reception.
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation to forced draft motor fans.
  • Opening and closing of entrance man.
  • Information of internal (plates) and replacement of fittings.
  • Interior cleaning with water under pressure.
  • Test of fluency in background lines, legs and LG’S