Basic Engineering

In basic engineering will definitely reflect all user requirements, the basic specifications, the performance schedule and the economic valuation.

More specifically, during this phase are defined the following works:

  • Detailed review of the conceptual engineering and the user requirements.
  • Datasheets of all rooms (criticism and non-criticism) equipment and installations.
  • The calculation of thermal loads and air flow in every room, etc.
  • The diagrams of basic piping and instrumentation of water, the HVAC systems and the routing for piping.
  • The distribution of service use points
  • Review the layout of the rooms, equipment implementations, including the services areas
  • Consumptions and equipment list

The basic engineering, we development on two phases: The first consist on the data collection and the elaboration of user requirements and the second develop the rest of the works collected on the previous list. When the basic engineering is validated is the point which we are already able to have a solid base for the next and most important step: The detail engineering.

Workshop Engineering

Tekla Structures is our main work tool, this software allows us to realize projects of any size in relatively short times. Currently, CITAPIA has the capacity to develop more than 32,000 tons of metallic structure per year.

Design engineering

The team of TAPIA INGENIERÍA & CONSULTORIA, performs rigorous analysis based on standards and current regulations; in this way, decision making is prompt and expeditious, covering the needs of each of the projects.